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If your company has a challenge regarding missing turnover and/or profitability, please read on…
Growing your business can be realised in different ways. A plausible way of doing this is to increase market share in a competitive market, or enter completely new markets. Either way, these activities can increase profitability by incresing turnover. In case you can't increase profitablility by incresing turnover, another plausible way of dealing with this situation is expenditure analysis, which you can use to minimize expenses without cutting down other resources.
In this situation, Akili is the tool of choice for conducting expenditure analysis, and the resulting report can be used as a management decision tool and analyst tool alike.
Akili has (among others) the following features

- Is an innovative data analysis system that can help companies to conduct expenditure analysis. Using "state of the art" technology data is processed accurately in order to give an overview of expenditure.

- Analyses large amount of data in an intelligent way and on the fly

- provide new valuable dimension into your company’s management reports and tools.